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    OsmoBliss Low Lather Shampoo

    The OsmoBliss Difference:

    • STIMULATES scalp recovery
    • SOOTHES itchy scalp
    • Essential oils help CONTROL irritation, and flaking
    • Concentrated formula deeply HYDRATES depleted, dry scalps
    • Highly EFFECTIVE against lice, super lice and nits
    • Specifically formulated to be GENTLE on kids’ scalps

    Directions: Wet hair thoroughly. Place a quarter-sized amount of OsmoBlissTM shampoo into palms and rub together (use more for thick or longer hair) Apply to hair and scalp, adding just a splash of water to help distribute evenly. Gently massage using fingertips, not fingernails.  For maximum results, allow three minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.