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    Lice Removal Kit

    The Licemosis Difference:

    Our products are 100% effective against lice and their eggs (nits). They use a safe biological process to kill all lice and nits. Our products do not contain any pesticides nor any toxic ingredients, and are effective on all strains of head lice, including the pesticide resistant ‘Super Lice.’ Our products give you peace of mind and an effective treatment after one use. Unlike other products, it will not require another treatment as one use will kill 100% of lice and nits. This eliminates the need to repeat the process. No other product on the market is as effective as Licemosis. Safe, quick and effective. We guarantee it.

    Instructions to treat adults and children 3 years and older, at the first sign of active lice:

    • Apply Licemosis Anti-Lice Gel to DRY hair. Massage thoroughly to saturate hair and scalp so that all nits and lice come into contact, especially behind ears and at nape of neck.
    • Leave the gel on hair and scalp for 30 minutes.
    • To remove all dead nits and lice, use the enclosed lice comb to divide hair into sections. Starting at the top of one section, take a small amount of hair
      in one hand.
    • Gently position enclosed comb as close to hair roots as possible and pull through the full length of the hair.
    • Clean comb after each stroke and repeat to finish section, until all sections have been combed.
    • Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.
    • 100% effective, kills all lice and nits.
    • Loosens nits from hair.
    • One 30 minute treatment will to rid your household of head lice.
    • Helps relieve scalp itching and irritation.
    • Cost effective, just one product eliminates all lice and nits.
    • Worry-free, after just one treatment.
    • Safe, gentle product, non toxic.
    • Completely effective against ‘Super Lice.’

    Helps children return to school ‘nit free.’