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    Lice recurrence is most often caused by the incomplete removal of nits (eggs).  This reason alone explains why most treatment available in the market do not work.

    Why is that anti-lice treatments that claim to kill lice and super lice require a repeated-treatment after a week or so later. The reason is that the gestation period of a louse egg to hatch is between seven and ten days, and that the repeated treatment would kill the newly hatched lice.

    The problem with this treatment schedule is that lice do not lay their eggs at the same time, as a result their hatching time/points may be very different. Therefore, a one-week treatment gap would allow some eggs to hatch sooner, which would then lead to more and new nits by the time the repeat treatment is applied. The lice life cycle is renewed, creating a persistent lice problem - lice recurrence.

    One could try repeating the treatment every day for fifteen days to break the nit-louse cycle and remove lice before they lay eggs. This approach, however, has two problems; (1) most anti-lice treatments are pesticide based and their daily use for an extended period is not recommended and potentially harmful to the user; and (2) most treatments come in a single-use pack and would not be cost effective.

    Licemosis Anti-Lice Treatment Gel System dissolves the spumaline (glue that lice use to attach their eggs to hair) to remove nits and suffocate lice.  As a result, Licemosis eliminates both nits and lice in one 30-minute treatment. No repeat treatments are required.