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    All lice treatment products advertise effectiveness at eliminating lice. Their level of effectiveness is irrelevant for now, however, none of these products state anything with regards to eliminating the laid eggs, they just eliminate live lice.

    In practice, you apply the treatment, it eliminates the live lice with some level of effectiveness. The eggs, however, remain, because none of these products dissolve the glue that holds the egg to your hair. It’s these same eggs that require you to use their treatment again, because those eggs hatched. If you miss one, the entire process has to be repeated, again.

    This begs the question, if you have to re-treat, are these products really effective at eliminating lice? The answer is simply, NO.  Existing products may or may not eliminate lice, but they do nothing to eliminate the eggs that produce lice, so the chance of lice recurrence will always exist.  Until now.

    We know that lice recurrences are most often the result of the incomplete removal of nits (eggs) from hair. Licemosis Anti Lice Treatment Gel safely eliminates both nits and lice in one treatment, without the use of pesticides or toxic chemicals.  

    Nit and Lice free in one 30 minute treatment. Licemosis, by OsmoTherapeutics, Inc.