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    The Center for Disease Control (CDC) references several reasons why existing treatments for head lice fail. In summary, they are:

    • Re-infestation or Recurrence
    • Resistance of head lice to the treatment used.
    • Misdiagnosis
    • Applying a treatment to hair that has been washed with conditioning shampoo or rinsed with hair conditioner.
    • Not following the treatment instructions carefully.

    It can be concluded that better information and education on diagnosis and treatment of lice is required.  So, why is re-infestation or lice recurrence even an issue, when treatments are supposed to eliminate the problem?

     At OsmoTherapeutics, we know that lice recurrences are most often the result of the incomplete removal of nits (eggs) from the hair. Nits that aren’t eliminated during the initial treatment, may hatch up to ten days later, causing a recurrence of a lice infestation. Once recurrence happens, re-treatment follows. Imagine the cycle of stress, inconvenience and burden that could result from using a treatment that does not eliminate the nits from your hair.

    Our Licemosis Anti Lice Treatment Gel eliminates both nits and lice in one treatment, allowing your child to return to school nit and lice free the next day.